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News Alert!!!! I saw the Dr today September 23 it looks like one more month till I can work. I will start physical therapy to build up strength and will be back as soon as possible.
Hello my name is Laretta and I have done thousands of  massages in my career I look forward to working with you to make you the best you can be. I enjoy helping you manage chronic pian, headaches, and stress.

I truly believe regular massage can and will change your life call me and we can work out a wellness plan for you and your budget.

I chose the name KNEAD 2 RELAX because I believe with all the stress today we all knead 2 relax.

Schedule 24/7 with my online scheduler under hours

 I am a person who promotes overall health and well being I am an advocate of an amazing plant Moringa Oleferia please learn more at zija123 or https://larettatompkins.myzija.com 



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